Crisis preparedness Handbook

A crisis can strike at anytime

How Prepared Are You?

Crisis Preparedness Handbook gives you everything you need to confidently handle any crisis and feel the peace that comes with being prepared.

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Protect your family from any disaster—natural or man-caused

Crisis Preparedness
Crisis Preparedness

Unique benefits you will get in Crisis Preparedness Handbook

Solves the problem of
"Where do I start?"

An absolute must for anyone serious about preparing for and surviving during perilous times.

Crisis Preparedness

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Three Ways to Purify Water

Three Ways to Purify Water

Clean water is extremely important! A lot of times there is water available, but it’s not safe to drink. You should assume that your water is contaminated if the culinary water system has been compromised. Boiling is recommended, but it’s only an option if you have a way to heat it along with needed  fuel. For that reason, you need redundant systems—multiple ways to obtain clean water.

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Add Canned Meat to Your Food Storage

Add Canned Meats to Your Food Storage

The preparedness challenge this week is to add canned meat to your food supply. Meat will make your menus more palatable and much more like the food most people are used to eating. Even the addition of small amounts of animal protein to vegetable proteins raises the protein quality of your diet. Canned meats are familiar to most diets and are a nutritious choice, especially when fresh foods aren’t available. You can choose from a wide variety of canned meat, poultry, and fish.

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Plan Now to Have Pure Water in a Crisis

Most people rely on their municipal water system to deliver clean, pure tap water for drinking, food preparation, and personal hygiene. A crisis, big or small, may interrupt the delivery of clean water. When that happens you may experience a “boil water advisory.” In some crises the water system may break down entirely, and you may have to rely on stored water or questionable local water sources like streams and ponds.

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A comprehensive guide to
Home Storage and Physical Survival

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Be sure to also take a look at the Table of Contents and The Story Behind the Book for more detailed information.

The survival instinct has been part of us since the first humans walked the planet. Unfortunately, crisis preparedness has not. My own journey to prepare has been a hodgepodge of fits and starts. The Crisis Preparedness Handbook has changed that for me. It has provided me a logical, step-by-step guide on what to think about, how to prepare for, and how to survive any—usually unforeseen—crisis.
Crisis Preparedness Handbook
Lew Mason, Kirkland WA
Managing Broker, Windemere Yarrow Bay

DID YOU KNOW? There are 9 different ways to purify water including ultraviolet light and ozone?

DID YOU KNOW? You can go 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without protection or shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.

As a former CERT coordinator, local emergency-preparation specialist, and avid gardener, I have found Crisis Preparedness Handbook to be invaluable. It provides just the right amount of detail in a single book, especially in those areas where detail is important. It will save me countless hours of research. I highly recommend this book for anyone at any level of interest in preparing for an emergency for the family, group, or community.
Crisis Preparedness Handbook
Kelly Strong, Cache County, UT
Former CERT Coordinator
Crisis Preparedness Handbook delivers a comprehensive how-to guide for home storage and physical survival in all types of natural and man-made disasters. Chapters are filled with well-researched content, worksheets, and getting-started tips. The systematic approach truly makes the process of preparing manageable instead of overwhelming. The timing of this book could not be better. In this turbulent world fraught with pandemics, natural disasters, and riots, it is a must-have resource for every family!
Crisis Preparedness Handbook
Janet Anderson, Cache County, UT
Distinguished Professor of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences, Utah State University

DID YOU KNOW? There are three levels of preparedness: minor disruptions, significant emergencies and large-scale catastrophes.

DID YOU KNOW? Not all crisis come from a natural disaster. Often, they are man-caused. It is just as important to plan for these.

No one can afford to be without the knowledge in Crisis Preparedness Handbook. This new revised and updated edition is pertinent to what all of us are going through, Clearly, Aston takes preparedness seriously and teaches you not just what to do, but why and how to do it. This handbook has all the information of a master-course textbook without the yawn-inspiring boredom of academic books.
Crisis Preparedness Handbook
Jasen Chandler, Outdoor Enthusiast
Director of Sales and Market Development, Custom Installation and Design
Patricia Spigarelli

Meet the author

Patricia Spigarelli Aston

Originally, I set out to update and make a few revisions to the original Crisis Preparedness Handbook written by my late husband, Jack A. Spigarelli. I wasn’t into it very far when I realized I was doing more than making some simple changes. I found that I had something important to say about being prepared. After all, I had practiced preparedness principles my whole life, even as a kid, and self-reliance was second nature for me.

I have felt the peace and confidence that comes from being prepared. I knew I could help people who understand they live in a dangerous world and who know they should be prepared, but are in a panic or confused about what to do about it. I knew I could give them guidance and a little encouragement to help them get it done.

And that’s my goal – to help people get prepared for whatever crisis they may face next.

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