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What Can You Do to Protect Yourself in a Fuel Crisis?

Clearly, among other things, we have a fuel crisis in June 2022, and you are probably frustrated paying so much for fuel right now. Higher prices may signal that a fuel shortage is coming. How can you protect yourself if there is a fuel shortage and it’s hard to get fuel. There are a couple of things you can do. Make a habit of keeping your gas tank at least half full. When the gauge starts getting close to the half way mark, start planning your next fuel purchase. Second, store extra fuel.

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Time to Stock Up on Canned Vegetables!

Preparedness Challenge Week 23 The preparedness challenge this week is to add canned vegetables to your food supply. Why Are Canned Vegetables a Good Choice for Your Food Supply? We were recently on vacation in

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Pudding and Gelatin Mixes

Stock Up on Puddings and Gelatin Mixes

Dessert mixes might not be the most nutritious food, but they are convenient and comforting, and that goes a long way in an emergency. They add variety, and kids like them—they are familiar foods which can add some normalcy to a stressful time. You can choose instant pudding or cooked pudding, but both require milk. Of course, fruit-flavored gelatins require water and heat, and both pudding and fruit-flavored gelatins set up better if they are refrigerated.

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Three Ways to Purify Water

Three Ways to Purify Water

Clean water is extremely important! A lot of times there is water available, but it’s not safe to drink. You should assume that your water is contaminated if the culinary water system has been compromised. Boiling is recommended, but it’s only an option if you have a way to heat it along with needed  fuel. For that reason, you need redundant systems—multiple ways to obtain clean water.

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Add Canned Meat to Your Food Storage

Add Canned Meats to Your Food Storage

The preparedness challenge this week is to add canned meat to your food supply. Meat will make your menus more palatable and much more like the food most people are used to eating. Even the addition of small amounts of animal protein to vegetable proteins raises the protein quality of your diet. Canned meats are familiar to most diets and are a nutritious choice, especially when fresh foods aren’t available. You can choose from a wide variety of canned meat, poultry, and fish.

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Plan Now to Have Pure Water in a Crisis

Most people rely on their municipal water system to deliver clean, pure tap water for drinking, food preparation, and personal hygiene. A crisis, big or small, may interrupt the delivery of clean water. When that happens you may experience a “boil water advisory.” In some crises the water system may break down entirely, and you may have to rely on stored water or questionable local water sources like streams and ponds.

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Build a Breakfast Bucket with cereal, powdered eggs, and pancake mix

Build a Breakfast Bucket

This week the challenge is to make your own customized store of breakfast foods. The idea is to collect several breakfast foods and put them together in one food-storage bucket. Or if it works better for you, add them to a dedicated space on your food storage shelves. Choose shelf-stable breakfast items that your family likes to eat. This can includes cooked cereals, pancake mix or muffin mixes, dehydrated or freeze-dried eggs, and dried and canned fruit and fruit juices.

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Freeze dried entrée

Stock Up on Ready-to-Eat Entrées

The preparedness challenge this week is to stock up on ready-to-eat entrées. A supply of these entrée meals will be indispensable as quick meals to use in an emergency. They require either very little or no preparation at all. There are several options for entrées: canned, frozen, dehydrated, and freeze-dried.

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Add Spices to Your Food Storage

The right spices and herbs go a long way to break up food monotony and will jazz up many recipes and transform ordinary storage foods into delicious meals. Don’t skimp on herbs, spices, and other seasonings!

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Storing Salt in Your Food Storage

Salt is one of those basic commodities necessary for life that needs to be in every food storage plan. It is inexpensive and easy to store. There are many varieties of salt available today, but for practical storage there are three main types of salt that are readily available and ideal for storing: table salt, canning and pickling salt, and rock salt.

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Add Sugar to Your Food Storage

Sugar is an important food in a preparedness plan. Although sugar has a tarnished reputation, mainly because it is used in excess in modern society, a survival diet will rely much less on processed foods containing sugar. Children, especially, have high caloric needs for their weight and may be unable to get enough energy if their calories sources are limited.

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